New location is a step up

Friday, July 1, 2005

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif.--On the heels of its most recent round of funding, digital imaging provider Pixim moved into a new location at the end of May.
Although the move didn't end up to much in terms of distance--roughly a mile down the road--the company gained nearly 30 percent of extra space.
Joe Montalbo, the company's recently appointed president and chief executive officer, said the move was necessary.
"Our lease was up at the previous place," he said, "and we wanted to find bigger quarters."
The larger facility will allow additional growth within the company for the coming years.
The previous location, which was located in a mix of residential and industrial properties, was a good fit when the company moved in four years ago when real estate prices were coming down after the technology bust in the Silicon Valley.
"It was a good deal four years ago," Lee Hirsch, Pixim's vice president of marketing, said. "Four years later, the rents came down a lot."
The falling lease prices allowed the company to move into a larger, recently refurbished building for roughly the same amount of money it paid for the previous office. Hirsch said the company also has extra conference rooms, more lab space and larger cubicles. The company is also now located on one floor, making it easier to communicate between departments.
"It looks like a professional office," Hirsch said. "People have come by and said that we look like a grown-up company now."