Newcomer Sequel serves independents

Thursday, December 1, 2005

GOLDEN VALLEY, Minn.--Looking to serve "the backbone of the industry," newcomer Sequel Technologies is targeting independent security dealers with its line of alarm panels, sensors, CCTV and access control products scheduled for introduction in 2006.
Duane Paulson, president of Sequel Technologies, is teaming with Chief Executive Officer Charles Durant and Vice President-Technology Ted Nesse on the business, which launched in October. All three are veterans of GE Security.
Paulson, who left GE in 2004 and served as president of Gibson Audio for a year, said the creators of Sequel "saw such a market opportunity for independents."
He said as product providers have grown they have switched their focus to bigger customers. "The independent also wants quality and service. They are the backbone of the industry."
Although Paulson wouldn't identify Sequel's investors, he said there are "a half-dozen folks engaged in the business, and that will increase significantly as we build a salesforce."
The company plans to sell its products directly to the dealer. Paulson said although the market is competitive, "we have our track record and that will help." In addition, he said, "we have heard from dealers who are searching for a solution."
The strategy is a national one, said Paulson. While there will be some "natural regionalism," he explained, "it's also impossible to roll out just on a local level. Our focus is on the U.S. market."
Where products will be manufactured was still under consideration at press time, said Paulson. "The intellectual property is ours," he said, referring to both hardwired and wireless applications. "We came up through the ranks of ITI (which became Interlogix and is now GE Security), so we know how to do wireless," he said.
Sequel's owners are looking at offshore options for manufacturing, Paulson said, but also want to consider "efficiency over cost," which could result in using U.S. facilities. We are looking all over," he said.
Early 2006 will see the introduction of CCTV and four-to-eight door access control products, said Paulson, followed in mid-2006 by security alarm panels and wireless sensors.
At this point, he said, "we are focused on getting our products done," but that doesn't preclude Sequel from growing through acquisitions.
An important factor with new product introductions will be service, noted Paulson. "This is as much a service play as a product offering," he said. "One of the challenges with following the direct-to-dealer model is we don't have a storefront," Paulson said.
To deal with that, Sequel will rely on its field salesforce, he said, as well as developing on line and distance learning presences and occasionally doing some factory training as well.