News Poll: SSN readers share how they pick events

Most respondents pointed to networking, the attendee base as a key draw
Wednesday, May 23, 2018

YARMOUTH, Maine—Security companies continually watch the landscape of industry events grow and change, and need to budget their time and resources accordingly. Security Systems News asked its readers about the number of shows they attend and if that has increased or decreased in recent years.

“We attend based on what we think we can get out of it from attending both through the education, networking, product standpoints. We have scaled back as we aren't looking to change product offerings so we don't attend the big ones as it is a bit overwhelming,” said one reader.

Twenty-four percent of poll respondents said that their company attends as many industry events as they can each year; six or more.

“As a manufacturer, we were attending [about] 52 events a year globally, ranging from pure industry events, to those sponsored by technology partners (ex: Axis, Milestone), as well as many vertically focused ones. We have recently tried to focus on a few of the larger events, coupled with very specific vertical ones and partner ones where we have the opportunity to educate vs. just display,” one respondent wrote.

Another reader pointed to their biggest priorities, “ISC West, ISC East, ASIS.” Similarly, 38 percent of respondents said there are a few big or relevant events for their company, between three and five each year.

An additional 38 percent said that they only attend one or two key events each year.

Education is the biggest draw for 12 percent of respondents. “Personally, I attend for education sessions. However, the company's primary purpose for most events is networking and leads creation,” one person said.

For the largest share of respondents—62 percent—networking or the attendee base is the biggest draw to attend a show. “Value of education sessions varies widely. Networking is always the big draw for us,” one reader said.

Twenty-six percent said that they are most drawn to events with notable exhibits or new technologies.

Most respondents—65 percent—wrote that the number of events their company attends has remained consistent in recent years.

Twenty-one percent said they have been attending fewer events each year. “Budget constraints have forced us to attend fewer events, primarily at the state level,” said another respondent.

Fifteen percent of news poll respondents said their company has been attending more industry events in recent years. “We’ve recently gotten more involved and made new partnerships that require our presence there,” one reader said.