offers free alarm notification service

SSN Staff  - 
Thursday, November 9, 2006

OJAI,, a broadband alarm company that also offers VoIP solutions, announced today that it was rolling out two new alarm notification services: the NetAlarm Plan and the Free NextAlarm Notify Plan. These services are being respectively offered for a monthly rate of $5 a month and free of charge.
The new plans are notification-only and based upon an automated system, as opposed to's existing Internet-based alarm monitoring services. Customers are contacted via email, short message service (SMS) or text-pager, receiving an "E-Notify" message announcing the trigger and the zone where the alarm was activated. The service also lets customers know when an interruption in power or the Internet occurs, as well as when certain events do not occur, such as in the instance of the system is not being disarmed after a family member arrives home. In a provided release, Alex Elliot,'s founder and chief executive officer, said, "These new plans provide a whole new level of service that are very affordable and just as reliable as the leading alarm services."
Alarm permits are not required since the police are not notified through a central alarm station.
The NetAlarm Plan and the Free NextAlarm Notify Plan both operate via the Internet or over standard phone lines. Clients can also manage their account and contact information over NextAlarm's secure web server.