rolls out VoIPAlarm at CES

Thursday, January 11, 2007

LAS introduced its new VoIPAlarm service Jan. 8 at the 2007 Consumer and Electronics Showcase. VoIPAlarm is a voice over IP alarm monitoring solution that also utilizes NextAlarm's services.
Chief executive officer and founder Alex Elliot said, "We've set up a separate operating unit with its own staff for VoIPAlarm, which strictly offers IP monitoring services to the alarm industry. This allows an alarm dealer, using its own private brand, to give another solution to customers who have switched to VoIP."
Elliot further explained that, "with the addition of a low-cost adapter, VoIPAlarm allows any alarm panel that can do contact I.D. format to be delivered over the Internet to any central station."
The combined service with NextAlarm, "allows the dealer to sell to end users, using its own brand, and, through the same adapter, provides NextAlarm's ABN [Alarm Broadband Network] through us," said Elliot.
The cost to the dealer? "Considerably lower than other solutions ... Pricing is still a little bit fluid." So far, "We have an alliance with Vontronix," Elliot said, which is currently selling voice over IP service to alarm dealers. Using a second port on the ABN adapter, alarm installers can sell a single device that offers both ABN alarm monitoring and voice over IP telephone service. Elliot hinted that an announcement of a distribution agreement with a major player is in the works.
NextAlarm also unveiled its new Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system at CES, which features V-notify service and is being touted as an industry first. Customers using the system are notified of alarm signals by phone, and NextAlarm can then cross-connect them with local police, fire departments or paramedics if necessary.

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