NFPA calls for meeting following nightclub deaths

SSN Staff  - 
Tuesday, April 1, 2003

QUINCY, Mass. - The National Fire Protection Association in late February called on its code writers to convene in a meeting to discuss the life safety issues surrounding two deadly nightclub accidents that occurred less than a week apart.

The meeting, scheduled to be held as soon as possible, called on the organization’s Technical Committee on Assembly Occupancies to review several issues either addressed or affected by NFPA code. Ninety-eight people died in a fast-moving fire in a nightclub on Feb. 20. Just three days earlier, 21people were killed on Feb. 17 at a Chicago nightclub.

Some issues that were slated to be addressed at the meeting included: minimum thresholds for requiring automatic fire sprinkler protection, allowable interior finish and decorations, adequate egress, exiting arrangements, retroactive application of code requirements and inspection and permitting.