No telephone line, no problem

SSN Staff  - 
Sunday, February 1, 2004

This letter is in response to the article in January’s edition, “Don’t cut that cord!”

While central stations and alarm installing companies have not yet experienced a significant volume of issues due to wireline displacement, signs point to cellular becoming the sole source of voice communication for many households.

The advice from Steve Doyle, CSAA executive vice president, to educate the consumer about what happens when the telephone service is discontinued is commendable. A step further in the process is to inform customers that there are products available today to resolve this issue simply and affordably.

Telular Corporation is a company that has been providing cellular communication products to the security industry since 1987. As technology has developed and consumer needs have changed, Telular has developed products that allow standardization within the industry for both the alarm installing companies and the central stations. Responding to the trend, new products from Telular address the need for primary wireless communications ensuring when an emergency arises, critical information will reach the central station.

My compliments to you and your staff on the highly informative publication you successfully produce every month. As a sales manager, it is an extremely useful tool for our team in keeping current with industry news.

Melody Parham
Sales Manager
Telular Corporation

Agreed, whole heartedly
I could not agree more with the article “Digital Revolution Brings Technology Bridging Products” by Joanne Friedrick (SSN, January 2004).

I work for SecurteX Digital out of Dayton, Ohio, and we have been working with dealers who face the digital conversion problem daily. One of the solutions we have found is not to just have a feature- rich product, but to have the ability to use existing analog cameras with our systems.

We have focused on loss prevention and asset management instead of a “security” type solution. When customers can see where they can protect themselves and retain profits in their business, they are willing to work with digital-based systems.

Keep up the good work.

Eric Hulsman
National Accounts Manager
SecurteX Digital
Dayton, Ohio