Northern Communications, launch new offering

Thursday, April 2, 2009

MCLEAN, Va. and SUDBURY, Canada--Northern Communications, which provides call routing for VoIP 911 calls across North America as well as fire dispatch for more than 50 fire departments, and, a provider of digital wireless and web-enabled security technology for residential and small businesses, in March partnered to launch CareLink Advantage, a video monitoring solution that enables caregivers to remotely keep an eye on elderly and disabled loved ones without compromising independence.

Northern Communications' president John Whitehead feels CareLink Advantage is important and timely. "The timing for this couldn't be better. We've got a serious problem in Canada, and it's similar in the U.S., and that's our demographics ... we're living longer ... It's only going to get worse," Whitehead said. "The burden of home care is falling upon family members ... These family members, they've got careers, they've got families of their own they're juggling. The result is that the caregivers are under tremendous stress and are at risk of burnout. CareLink Advantage helps them take care of their loved ones and it also gives them much needed time and respite that they need so they can continue to do this and not burn out."

CareLink Advantage uses's proprietary application services, GSM two-way communications technology, and IP cameras to allow caregivers--such as family members or home healthcare providers--to maintain awareness of an aging individual's well being. Sensor information, including live camera views, can be sent to an authorized individual's PDA, cell phone and computer.

Pete Celano, vice president of assistive technology, believes the partnership with Northern Communications is indicative of a future trend. "Everybody wants to take care of their elderly mother or their disabled brother. If you could, you'd have them live with you, but for whatever reason, we can't or don't, so it's essential to connect caregivers intimately with loved ones with tools like this," Celano said. "I think you're going to see the traditional panic pendant industry is going to be painted with the same one everything gets painted with, and that's the Web."

CareLik Advantage available now throughout Canada via participating CareLink Advantage dealers. CareLink Advantage is currently accepting Distribution Partner applications in some Canadian markets.