NWD plus Xanboo

Partnership offers layered services, increased RMR
Friday, May 1, 2009

FREEPORT, N.Y.--NationWide Digital Monitoring a central station based here, announced in early March a partnership with Xanboo to provide NWD dealers with remote security control devices and video monitoring technology.

Wayne Wahrsager, president of NWD, believes the partnership with Xanboo will increase value. “It gives us an edge. It allows our dealers to sell video at a very reasonable price on a mobile platform,” Wahrsager said. “People are really looking for that these days.”

Xanboo’s remote security solutions allow end users the ability to remotely view live, streaming video; control multiple CCTV cameras simultaneously; and access up to 30 days of DVR-archived video. Dealers will also be able to offer non-security value-adds. In late March, Xanboo was also selected by NWD, the licensee of Smith & Wesson Security Services, to be the premier provider of Smith & Wesson’s remote video monitoring solutions.

Bill Diamond, president and co-founder of Xanboo, believes offering additional services to end users is an idea whose time has come. “I believe the security industry has been looking for this for quite sometime, they just haven’t found the right product at the right price, and we believe our security-enhanced solution is the solution for both.”