Okotoks targets false alarms

SSN Staff  - 
Friday, February 5, 2010

OKOTOKS, Canada—A Feb. 3 article from the Western Wheel website reports the town of Okotoks is discussing a bylaw targeting security system false alarms that tie up emergency crews from dealing with other incidents.


Town council approved first reading of a bylaw targeting false alarms at the end of January.


Under the proposed bylaw, a $200 fine will be charged to the home occupant of a home or business for the fourth false alarm in a 12-month period and for every subsequent incident.


The cost to the Town for emergency personnel to attend a false fire alarm is about $500 per hour. If the $200 fine is not paid, the Town can apply it to the property’s tax bill.


The bylaw also states if emergency personnel have to force their way into a building as a result of a false alarm, it’s up to the occupant to pay for any repairs.


Stobbs said the Town wants home and business owners to ensure their systems are maintained and working properly.