One can be the strongest number

Tuesday, February 1, 2005

Hard to believe it, but the end of February marks my one-year anniversary with Security Systems News. Over the past year, I have had the chance to become familiar with this industry that was once - to be quite honest - completely foreign to me. Now, although I do admit I still have quite a lot to learn, I have begun to understand what makes the market tick. And in particular, one thing that I have certainly grasped is that this industry is in the midst of a constant evolution.

To us here at SSN, this evolution is evident on a monthly basis, with the start and finish of our publication. Through this cycle, we all see the many different factors that take part in moving the industry forward, and sometimes, backward.

There are the new companies from different backgrounds moving into the market space. In this issue alone, enter Global ePoint, which was started by computer industry professionals and has just hired ADI veteran Joe Cappelletti to spearhead its security effort, and Grande Communications, a telecommunications company that has just started offering wireless systems.

Of course, companies that take a step in don’t always stay. Adelphia Communications is in the midst of shedding its Checkpoint and Adelphia Security businesses, and once a common name in the industry, Westar Energy, is missing - from our headlines at least - after selling Protection One in February of last year.

Partnerships and deals also keep this cycle moving, such as GE Security and combining their services to offer GE’s builder program. And let’s not forget all those partnerships that happen via the acquisition trail. Last month, it was Greater Alarm joining Interface Security, and The Stanley Works acquiring ISR Solutions and The Security Group. This month - a smaller but not any less significant deal as western New York-based Amherst Alarm purchased Dotzler Alarm and Intercommunications.

Other firms are growing and hiring, and moves are being made to new locations. Security product manufacturer Infinova is on a hiring spree to address its 50 percent growth over 2003 and reach its goal of being one of the top five suppliers in the market within five years. Residential integration firm Home Technologies is making a geographic move - opening a new location to bring its employees together after they were located in separated offices.

Each month I could flip through the pages of SSN and list what achievements companies have made during the past 30 days but when it comes down to it, it’s the people in this industry, not the name brands, who make it all happen. You are the drivers behind the deals, the technologies, the education and decisions. You are the ones experiencing the IT and security convergence, and facing the joys and troubles of new technology on a daily basis. It is these daily revolutions in businesses across the market that makes the evolution go round.

It only takes one person to start an evolution. Are you starting it at your organization?