OzVision appoints new chairman

Thursday, November 1, 2007

WOBURN, Mass. and NEGEV, Israel--OzVision, a developer of video technology for security monitoring companies, has appointed Avi Fried, based in Israel, as chairman of its board of directors. Fried, who accepted the chairmanship on July 7, comes to OzVision with a background in the communications market.
"I'm looking at the chairmanship role as a way to help the company make strategic decisions in the space in which it's working," Fried said. "I see two worlds, the security world and communication world, converging. In that way, I can help the company make decisions about where the market is going and how we can bring the right products to the marketplace."
Fried is also part of a group of investors who invested in OzVision. "We decided that security is becoming something that is just at its beginning and just on the verge of explosion," he said. "That was the reason we decided to invest in a company that can bring new technology into the security business and that's why we decided to invest in OzVision."
Fried's role at OzVision will be more than as an investor with strategic oversight, he said. "At the beginning they tried to persuade me just to focus on the strategic portion, but as time goes by, I'm finding myself getting more and more into the operational side, and I can tell you, there's so much to do in new emerging markets."