Panasonic reacts to market changes

Company restructures to group related technologies and operations
Friday, April 1, 2005

SECAUCUS, N.J. - Panasonic Corp. of America announced the formation of Panasonic Systems Solutions Company of America in January as part of a company-wide initiative to combine related technologies and operations.

PSSA, formerly known as Panasonic Digital Communications & Security Company, combines the security systems, vision systems and information systems divisions. But the organization was also expanded by adding the company’s corporate systems operation, which provides large format LED displays and retailTV direct signage.

According to Frank DeFina, president of PSSA, the formation is timed to meet the overall direction of Panasonic’s worldwide operations.

“The divisions within Panasonic Systems Solution Company share common technologies and products,” DeFina said, “which allow us to best apply joint resources in sales and support as these technologies continue to converge in different application areas.”

The reorganization further positions the company as a total solutions provider for voice, video and data needs for corporate end users.

“For the most part, the new organization brings together many different Panasonic products to offer a total systems solution,” DeFina said. “Our direction will be focused on key vertical markets requiring similar solutions, however with a customized approach.”

The company’s restructuring will not change the day-to-day business of Panasonic, but rather streamlines operations by reducing redundant functions and focuses on providing complete security solutions.

“We plan to continue developing new ways to integrate technologies on a systems level to provide more efficient solutions for specific security applications,” DeFina said.

The divisions are already working together to develop new solutions. In early March, the company unveiled its Super Dynamic III technology line of products, which combine a newly designed CCD and a digital signal processing system for video performance. A color-dome and color-fixed camera are the first products from Panasonic to incorporate the technology.

At a press conference introducing the technology, DeFina said that the new technology is “just the beginning” of the company’s product offerings this year.