Panasonic teams with AirVisual for first responders

Tuesday, August 1, 2006

SECAUCUS, N.J.--Panasonic recently announced a partnership with AirVisual, whereby the hardware manufacturer will integrate AirVisual's IntelliViewer remote monitoring and control software into its DVRs and other surveillance products.
This "is part of our continuing strategy of working with complementary companies in bringing market-driven solutions to the marketplace--a strategy we call 'open architecture,'" Panasonic group marketing manager Julianna Benedick wrote in an email interview.
She called AirVisual's solution unique in enabling remote monitoring and control capabilities on any platform, along with an ability to encrypt that information as it travels over a network in a wired or wireless environment.
She likened the partnership to those into which Panasonic has entered with Milestone Systems, GTSI, Lenel, DSX and others, and called AirVisual an "innovative, fast, and forward-thinking company ... Their development of a unique digital recording solution employing Panasonic's WJ-HD300A Series DVRs has already been approved for several high-profile installations."
For AirVisual's part, president Tom Hansen called the deal "huge," though AirVisual isn't offering Panasonic any exclusivity. "It's not about the OEM," he said. "It's about the first responders." His product allows those first responders to look at schematics of buildings before entering them, review video sent to them from central command, exchange video with each other over secure means of communication, and do it all in a mobile and wireless environment.
Despite similar deals with companies like Motorola or Sony, Hansen said Panasonic "has taken a real lead with the partnership. They have great vision and they execute.
"AirVisual is a small company and we had to jump through hoops to earn their trust. In the end we proved ourselves. It's a win-win."