Is Pegasus ready to take flight?

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

LOUISVILLE, Ky.--Visitors to PSA-TEC in May were greeted by one lead sponsor, Pegasus Products, with whom many were not familiar. One of PSA Security’s newest vendor partners, Pegasus is a rapidly growing company looking to make an impact in the market as a quality value-line product, said Rich Morgan, the company’s general manager.

“Fifteen years ago,” he said, “we had one camera, three monitors and a few mounts. Now we have pretty much everything in the industry for CCTV, short of PTZ and matrix equipment.” Further, the company has audio packages and recently launched a new line of biometric access control products.

“We had some requests to see about some kind of access,” said Morgan, “and we brought this unit into the line and it was received very well. It’s a very robust little unit, and for the price it’s just remarkable.”

And Pegasus isn’t ashamed to compete on price. “The reason PSA was interested in us,” Morgan said, “is that they were looking for a value line to offer, yet still retain quality. We come with less than a one-percent failure rate, so we can provide that quality in something a little more inexpensive.”

Morgan said he was pleased with the results from the PSA-TEC show, which landed them some 20 to 25 orders. “We’re pleased with the investment,” he said.

Don’t look for Pegasus to try to be a one-stop shop, however. While the company will continue to grow, adding IP cameras in the near future, “we’ll never do fire and burg,” Morgan said. “We’ll have a few odd items that don’t really fit into CCTV, but that will remain our forte.”