Pelco and Cisco announce joint development deal

Co-branded IP-based Sarix cameras to be offered to Cisco channel
Thursday, September 24, 2009

ANAHEIM, Calif.—The ASIS International convention here has yet to begin, but Pelco and Cisco are already teaming for a big announcement: The two companies have entered into a joint technology development deal whereby, in the short term, Cisco will co-brand Pelco’s IP-based Sarix cameras, and, in the long-term, the Sarix line will be optimized to work more smoothly with Cisco networking equipment.

Cisco will be offering the Sarix cameras to its dealer network before the end of the year. The Sarix cameras with co-developed technology on board won’t be available until 2010.

The deal is an outgrowth of the Pelco Cisco Wireless Industrial Video Surveillance Solution announced last year, where Pelco partnered with Cisco’s infrastructure division. “We started with the wireless side and realized we were working well together,” said Herve Fages, Pelco director of global marketing. “So we sat down and decided to take it to the next step.”

Fages was at pains to emphasize that Cisco dealers will not have the same relationship with Pelco that current Pelco dealers have. “When you buy Pelco cameras you get a certain set of benefits,” he said, “and now when you buy the Cisco-branded Pelco products you’ll get a different set of benefits ... there will be a Sarix line that is separate from the Cisco line.”

Further, he said Pelco isn’t concerned about competition between the two dealer bases. “Cisco and Pelco are rarely competing in the same part of the market,” Fages said. “It’s just a small gray area of the market where there is overlap. We don’t foresee Pelco partners having any major issues.” He said Cisco dealers are usually looking for the large network installation, and the Pelco co-branded cameras would just be a small add-on.

“That’s not really the strength of the Pelco partners and systems integrators,” he said.