Pelco collaborates with Hirsch Electronics

Sunday, February 1, 2009

CLOVIS, Calif.--Pelco has announced a new collaboration with Hirsch Electronics, a manufacturer of high security access control and security management systems.

The partnering has resulted in the seamless integration of the Pelco DX8100 Series digital video recorder with Hirsch Electronics’ Velocity Security Management System, through the use of the Pelco X-Portal application-programming interface. It enables the automated response to an alarm through the use of Velocity’s Triggers/Actions Manager, which directs the DVR to initiate recording in response to an alarm at the predefined alarm recording frame rate, all without operator intervention.

The Pelco DX8100 series digital video recorder provides customers a new hardware platform that is expandable to meet future security requirements. The integration with Hirsch Electronics’ Velocity Security Management System gives users the convenience of single seat control for both systems and provides management of alarm and video within the same graphical user interface.

“Hirsch’s video integration with Pelco comes standard with Velocity and provides users the ability to tag alarm video, easily recall alarm video clips, provide live viewing of multiple DVRs and cameras from Velocity Client PCs, and many more capabilities,” said John Coker, director of North American sales for Hirsch Electronics.