Pelco follows the engineers

CCTV manufacturer opens fourth U.S. office in Fort Collins
Wednesday, March 1, 2006

FORT COLLINS, Colo.--In early December, Pelco staged a news conference in the Fort Collins Marriott to announce the opening of its fourth U.S. office. It will be home to 50 new hires over the course of the next year and the initial hiring phase has already begun. The major video security manufacturer currently has its headquarters in Clovis, Calif., with a distribution center in Orangeburg, N.Y., and a sales office in Las Vegas.
"It's a small satellite office," Pelco president and chief executive officer David McDonald said of the new Fort Collins office in an interview, but it's a way to take advantage of a "talent pool of good engineers."
The recent closing, for instance, of a Hewlett-Packard facility here has left a number of engineers jobless and the Colorado climate and quality of life are notoriously good at keeping people from wanting to leave their homes to find new work.
The Northern Colorado Economic Development Council reportedly worked closely with Pelco in bringing the new office to Fort Collins. As a public/private entity, they receive funding from businesses and government, and in turn, link businesses to a full range of support, development, referral and resource services.
The Pelco decision to go engineer mining is indicative of a trend throughout the security industry where manufacturers and installers alike are finding it difficult to hire and retain quality engineers.