Pelco grows again, adds its sixth building

The company is on track with adding a new building nearly every two years
Wednesday, October 1, 2003

CLOVIS, Calif. - The largest CCTV manufacturer in the security industry has gotten bigger, adding another building to its multi-building, 36-acre campus here.

Dubbed Building Six, the facility follows an average of 25 percent growth over the last several years for the maker of camera and CCTV related products. Though smaller than the four other buildings on the company’s campus, the 40,000-square-foot building is key because it brings Pelco’s engineering and marketing departments under one roof.

“We develop product as a team concept,” said Smith. “It’s not a situation where marketing writes up a definition document and throws it over the wall to engineering.”

Pelco bought the building from another company and then renovated the facility. Along with employees being housed in five buildings in Clovis, Calif., the company also operates a facility, known as Building Four, in Orangeburg, N.Y.

Though Pelco officials declined to release how many people it employs, the company is the largest employer in Clovis, Calif. The city’s Chamber of Commerce estimates the company employs 1,300 people.

“They’ve been constantly expanding and now fill up half of our industrial park,” said Jim Ware, president of the Clovis Chamber of Commerce.

The continued growth at Pelco comes as little surprise to industry analysts who have watched the 16-year-old company grow into a market leader.

According to a recent CCTV study from J.P. Freeman Co., Pelco is the number one shareholder in the CCTV market.

Joe Freeman, of J.P. Freeman Co., said the company earned that distinction by creating products that dealers and systems integrators want and providing a solid distribution footprint. “They certainly stay with the trend,” he said. “Whatever the marketplace wants, they have a good antenna for demand.”

The market is expected to feel the benefits of the new facility by early next year, said Smith. He said more new products will hit the street that are not currently available in the market today thanks to new technology added to the engineering department.

The department recently bought a Stereo Lithography Machine, an $800,000 piece of equipment that enables Pelco to make a 3-D mock-up of a part in-house instead of outsourcing the work. The machine cuts the time it takes to make the mock-up from weeks to a matter of hours.

Smith said Pelco is on the path for continued growth. He expects the company will add yet another building in two years.