Physical, IT consultants team up

Bordes Group partners with Information Security Consultants
SSN Staff  - 
Saturday, April 1, 2006

ORLANDO, Fla.--Roy Bordes has been in physical security consulting for more than 25 years, but just in the past year has his Bordes Group started entering into strategic partnerships with other consulting groups. "They go on a job with us, we go on a job with them," is how he described the relationship he now has with Information Security Consultants, of Stuart, Fla. "It's a team effort."
See, ISC president Thomas Ianuzzi is the Roy Bordes of IT security, with 30 years' experience in computer technology and computer forensic consulting, and "we're pushing convergence," Bordes said. "We're saying everything is convergence-related. We're putting the security guy and the IT guy in the same room."
Saying that physical security consultations are increasingly bleeding into network security, Bordes felt it important to have someone who could speak authoritatively to the whole security effort at the client's company. "Everybody says, 'We don't want you jamming up our network with video,' and it's like, 'duh, this is 2006, we don't jam up networks with video anymore,'" said Bordes.
The Bordes Group has four U.S. offices, and one in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, and was founded in 1978. It counts the Federal Reserve Bank and Brown & Williamson among its clients.