Pixim signs technology deals with camera manufacturers

Tuesday, April 1, 2003

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif. - Three years after first developing technology that provides better picture images for the camera market, Pixim has announced that five camera manufacturers plan to incorporate its D2000 Video Imaging System in their next generation of security cameras.

The agreements with JVC, Silent Witness, Pelco, Everfocus and Baxall, a European camera manufacturer, represents a coup d’etat for Pixim as it secures its first in what is expected to a series of deals with camera companies.

“From our perspective, we look at the product line-up and we say ‘Wow, we’ve really lined up the best’,” said Rob Siegel, executive vice president of Pixim.

The first roll out of new products featuring Pixim’s D2000 Video Imaging System, a combination of software and chip technology, is expected to hit the market over the next several months.

Silent Witness planned to unveil Pixim’s technology in its modular camera line and its C16 camera, a dome camera that house a 50mm lens, during the ISC Show in Las Vegas.

Craig Scott, director of marketing and product manager for Silent Witness in Burnaby, B.C., said the company began working with Pixim about a year ago. He said Silent Witness was one of the first companies to sign a partnership with Pixim.

The reason, he said, is because Pixim’s technology provides wide dynamic range and a better picture image compared with what has traditionally been available.

“For us it’s actually superior video quality,” said Scott. “The whole game in security, in my opinion, is people want the best picture possible.”

Pixim’s system uses digital imaging technology to provide high-resolution images, crisp pictures and incorporates both NTSE and PAL formats.

While Siegel was unable to say how the different manufacturers intend to incorporate the technology into their camera lines, he said some manufacturers plan to use it in multiple products.

“Each company has its own product plans,” said Siegel. “We know one customer that has plans to put it in six different product lines, ranging from $160 to $300.”

An additional anticipated benefit to systems integrators is quicker product turnaround from manufacturers who incorporate Pixim’s technology in their cameras.