Platinum pumped for 2009

Pre-season numbers, customer survey bode well for summer
Monday, June 1, 2009

PROVO, Utah--With “pre-season” sales numbers up 20 percent over last year, Platinum Protection executives in April predicted a successful summer ahead.

Platinum Protection has amassed 90,000 customers across the country in three years. Last year, the company installed 58,000 accounts.

“Office averages are expected to be up 15 to 20 percent [this summer] based on pre-season production, quality of new training programs, and more seasoned leaders on each team,” said Chance Allred, partner at Platinum Protection.

Platinum has put significant resources into its training programs, Allred said. At the end of 2008, it surveyed 800 of its new customers. “The survey results were analyzed and then used to improve training, and address specific people and areas we could improve,” Allred said.

“On the survey, customers listed their sales representative and technician specifically; if we did have subpar results with specific reps, techs, or offices, it gave us the data we needed to make corrections quickly,” Allred explained.

“With such a large group, this was extremely helpful in getting specific results on our employees to help them improve.”

Platinum will use demographic information from the surveys for planning and resource allocation, as well.

“We collected data on our customers’ income levels, age, education levels, etcetera, in the survey, which will help us serve them better. [It also helps us ensure] our offerings are catered specifically to our target markets.”

The survey, which “showed a 95 percent customer satisfaction rating for both technicians and sales representatives,” according to Allred, asked customers to rate Platinum employees on several categories, including their professionalism and knowledge.