Proximex and Augusta Systems partner

Team-up means more fluid integration, faster deployment, more devices
Thursday, September 11, 2008

ATLANTA--Responding to a call from integrators and end users to get more devices and sensors integrated with its PSIM software more rapidly, Proximex announced here a new partnership with Augusta Systems, an infrastructure software company that specializes in integrating disparate technologies on a number of platforms and protocols.
"Our technology is really a gap filler," said Patrick Esposito, president and COO at Augusta Systems. "There are a lot of folks using the Proximex solutions today who've relied on pre-built integrations that Proximex provides, or hand-writing adaptors, but what we offer is a technology that can be used as a platform to ensure that more dat can reach Proximex's Surveillint software. It increases the amount of devices you can quickly connect."
Larry Lien, vice president of product management at Proximex, said the partnership is both a technical one and sales-based. "We've really enhanced our SDK with our 3.5 release [announced here at ASIS], and Augusta will be interfacing with that SDK, so we can not only receive data, but also push information back ... that opens a lot of doors for us."
Also, though, Proximex will be reselling Augusta's EdgeFrontier software solution.
Both companies said the partnership is relevant to integrators serving small- and medium-sized businesses. "We've actually restructured our pricing for small and medium businesses," said Lien. "We've found that, say, a small college with five or 10 buildings, they have a need for something like this, or if a small company buys another small company. We can make it easy for them to start with our system and grow into it."
Further, when customers are asking for integration of non-traditional assets into the security system, such as heat sensors or environmental controls, that's where Augusta's strength lies, said Esposito. "Our technology creates a more intelligent enterprise network," he said, "be it with security or asset tracking or real estate management or building controls. We're agnostic as to where our technology is used. When you're talking about complex multi-device deployments, those types of scenarios are where we have a tremendous value proposition."