Remote guarding alliance announced

Thursday, October 4, 2007

LAS VEGAS--In an effort to move forward the nascent remote-guarding market, a collection of eight companies has announced a business alliance. Headed by analytics manufacturer VideoIQ, the group will offer a complete solution for using analytics-enabled cameras that serve as "digital guards" to watch over large or multiple locations.
"The remote guarding alliance is about developing a set of best practices that are employed by guard service organizations so they can remotely guard and deliver the same protection that site-based guards would deliver," said Scott Schnell, president and chief executive officer of VideoIQ. He said the alliance would focus on the "operational standards necessary to deliver pre-emptive services remotely [and develop] standards regarding the integration of site-based video analytic equipment and software used by monitoring centers."
The seven other participating companies include Elite Interactive, a security technology firm; Rapid Response Systems, a provider of security and fire alarm systems; Smart Interactive Systems, a security service provider; Statewide Security, provider of security systems and consulting services; SureView Systems, software developer for video and audio monitoring; ViewPoint CRM, a video monitoring company; and Visentry, a video monitoring company. Together these companies will address issues regarding best practices, customer adoption and technology standards regarding the use of remote guarding solutions.

For more on the formation of this alliance, see the November issue of Security Systems News.