Richardson Electronics wins federal supply contract

Friday, March 1, 2002

HOUSTON, Texas-Richardson Electronics' Security Systems Division has been added to the General Services Administration's list of preferred vendors, allowing the distributor to provide security products to government agencies.

The distributor was given the distinction in late January after a six month application process. By being recognized as a preferred vendor, Richardson Electronics will be allowed to provide products to federal agencies on jobs that require GSA approved vendors.

Zoran Trgacevski, govern-ment sales manager for Richardson Electronics, expects to see $1 million in GSA sales in the first year. The company currently sells about $80 million in product a year.
"There are certain levels of government that only buy from GSA vendors," said Trgacevski.

Richardson Electronics is now included on a GSA website, which lists preferred vendors. As part of the deal, the company provided GSA with a price list of all products offered and entered into a five-year price contract.

The distributor, with eight locations in the United States, expects to provide products such as CCTV, fire, burglary, access control, sound and communication equipment to the government.