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SSN Staff  - 
Monday, March 1, 2004

Fog system foils thieves

WINNEPEG, Manitoba - On Dec. 3, 2003, burglars smashed through the cinder-block bathroom wall of a Microplay video games retailer here using power tools.

The burglars then broke the locked bathroom door off its hinges as they rushed to smash off the alarm panel and its siren. A local peripheral picked up their movement, but the alarm condition did not dial out to the monitoring station in time before the panel and wiring were disconnected.

Microplay had a Fog Security System installed in its front showroom to protect its investment. The Fog system was able to receive instant confirmation of the alarm via its dedicated interface board in the alarm panel.

The system deployed 60,000 cubic feet per second of fog, cloaking the showroom within seconds, and continued to deploy fog to storage rooms at a density of less than two inches within 30 seconds.

Because of the density of the fog deployed by the machine, the burglars were forced to retreat empty handed to their entry hole. The store reported no losses of inventory.

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