The Right Response

SSN Staff  - 
Monday, November 1, 2004

Thieves fail to thwart security systems during hurricane
TALLAHASSEE, Fla.- Along with personal safety issues, Florida business owners had to cope with crucial security concerns associated with Hurricane Frances, which struck the Florida coast in early September.

But despite the challenge of severe weather conditions, such as wind gusts and rain, Sonitrol Security reported several apprehensions during the storm.

At Top Audio USA in Tallahassee, Fla., police were dispatched on Sept. 4 after a Sonitrol Security operator received audio activations and glass break alarms from the business. Police apprehended three individuals that night who were attempting to enter through a storm-related hole in the wall.

That same evening at the Carol Mart Flea Market in Tallahassee, a Sonitrol operator received an overhead door alarm and heard male voices. The operator dispatched police, who found the rear overhead door had been forced open. Police caught two individuals who were in the process of stealing from the store.

At Sacks Grocery Outlet in Orlando on Sept. 5, a Sonitrol operator heard loud banging noises. She continued to listen, verifying that what she heard were sounds of a break-in. When she attempted to dispatch deputies, the officers were reluctant at first to respond to the alarm in the middle of the fierce storm.

Then the Sonitrol operator reported hearing voices and what sounded like a chainsaw. Based on this information, the deputies agreed to respond. As a result, the responding officers arrested three male individuals who broke a window and attempted to break into the safe using a concrete saw.