RSI trumpets copper problem with new site

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

WHITE BEAR LAKE, Minn. - With a wireless video solution poised to tackle the problem, RSI Video Technologies, maker of the Videofied product line, is looking to draw the security industry’s attention to copper theft, which now represents a $1 billion headache in the United States.
As part of this effort, RSI launched in February, which features a collection of news stories and videos from the mainstream media, profiling hard-to-believe instances of copper theft, along with details about its own solution.
“It’s a problem with far greater reach than just construction sites,” said Keith Jentoft, RSI president. “Thieves are now targeting roof-top AC units ... Copper thieves have shut down schools and hospitals, blacked out thousands in many different communities.” Thieves are interested in this copper because of its historically high price, currently hovering around $3 a pound.
Jentoft said the site is designed primarily for end users, so that dealers can use it as a sales tool. “Look through the YouTube videos and you will be shocked by what you hear,” he said.
Noting that SIA has begun to look into the problem formally (see “Government Watch,” on page 18), Jentoft still wonders why the security industry as a whole hasn’t made more of copper theft.
“I believe that copper theft is the most under-reported security issue in the industry,” he said. SSN