RSIalarm delivers increased RMR

Friday, December 1, 2006

NEW YORK--RSIalarm announced, with a press conference here at ISC East Oct. 24, an upgrade to its Videofied system that will enable dealers to increase their RMR by $5 a month. Dennis Dop, vice president of sales and business development at RSI, said, "RSIalarm has provided the ability for dealers to get a new sale from existing customers while increasing RMR and taking care of customers' needs in the process."
The VIA-VU camera, which integrates directly into existing alarm systems and central station software, will allow dealers, installers and integrators to offer added value to customers in the form of surveillance and alarm verification while increasing monthly revenue. So far, RSI has integrated with software manufacturers like Bold Technologies and D.I.C.E. and a plan to integrate with MicroKey is also currently in the works.
"The VIA-VU was created in Europe to combat false dispatch problems and improve police response times," said Keith Jentoft, RSIalarm president, in a provided release. There are now 60,000 systems set up in Europe. The system, which delivers 10-second video clips to central stations with the alarm, has been used extensively for more than five years in France, a "non-response" country by law.
RSI's VIA-VU cameras can be used to upgrade older systems, and can piggyback onto existing systems, CCTV and otherwise. The VIA-VU system, which is UL-pending, has also helped to decrease fines issued for false alarms in France and other European countries where there are non-response laws in place.