S2 goes IT

Logical and physical security united with Imprivata partnership
Monday, May 1, 2006

WELLESLEY, Mass.--In response to continued demand for a single solution for both physical and logical security, S2 Security Corp. partnered with logical security company Imprivata Inc. to bring a converged product to the market.
The partnership enables Imprivata to create a new product that combines its OneSign logical security product with the S2 NetBox physical access control solution. The product, expected to be available this fall, will bring together information such as a user's physical location with login computer access.
"If you want to badge onto the network, you must badge into the building first," said Geoff Hogan, senior vice president for business development, product management and marketing for Imprivata. "If you're now badged into the building and someone is trying to VPN remotely on the network, you know that's wrong. You start to correlate those events that were previously independent of one another."
While Imprivata will work on a new product that will incorporate S2 Security's capabilities, S2 Security has already enhanced its product so it can communicate with Imprivata's OneSign application.
John Moss, chief executive officer of S2 Security, said bringing the two technologies today makes sense, especially given their relationship to one another.
"One fact that may not be obvious is that when a company terminates an employee, it may take weeks to turn of their data access, but it takes minutes to turn off their physical access," said Moss.
S2 Security's collaboration with Imprivata is just one of several partnerships for the three-year old company. It recently aligned with Milestone and Dedicated Micros to support their applications with the S2 Netbox product.
Along with building its base of partners, S2 Security is in the midst of establishing several sales offices outside its greater Boston headquarters. In mid-March, it opened a sales office in the greater Chicago area. Other new locations include an office in the San Francisco Bay area and one in London, plus sales agents in Milan, Italy, and Singapore.