Safeguard builds onsite, security-focused webinar production/webcast facility

SSN Staff  - 
Friday, January 22, 2010

DALLAS—Safeguard Security Holdings, a provider of corporate, industrial and residential security solutions and proprietary monitoring based here, announced on Jan. 18 that it was building a webinar production/webcasting studio and that the teaching facility would be set to debut it’s first educational offerings at the end of Q1, 2010. The studio is being built out of a classroom at the security company’s new, nearly completed 18,000-square-foot monitoring center, shared by Stealth Monitoring.

Safeguard CEO R. Michael Lagow said the webinar studio would allow Safeguard to provide beneficial education material and further the company’s aim to create RMR generators, while saving money. “Right now we’re doing some international training regimens for a group in Mexico … Initially, we’re bringing some of the staff into the facility in Dallas to train,” Lagow said. “But to keep them up to speed on what we’re doing and all the tactical issues that we’re dealing with, we can update via webinar instead of all the travel expenses … we’ll always have our cameras ready, we’ll always have our backdrops ready … We’re a technology company, so why not use technology to broadcast to our community?”

Lagow said the first webinar produced and broadcast would be in March of 2010 and would be an educational offering from Premier Background Search, Safeguard’s recently acquired background check company, conducted by PBS spokesman Bill Rathburn. The aim of that session will be to educate Safeguard’s subscribed PBS on new rules, regulations, HR issues and general items of interest regarding background investigations when hiring employees. He also said the plan was to offer both secured (for Safeguard clients only) and open (for any interested party) content produced for webcast. There was also a possibility Safeguard would open up the facility for rent to third parties who want to produce their own educational materials for webcast.

“I’m always kind of a maverick. I’m going go out into the Wild West and create our own image and do it right,” Lagow said. “Our industry does a lot of stuff that isn’t quite up to the quality that I’d like to see … We’re going to really raise the bar and put something out there that’s really professional. It’ll be cutting edge and that’s where we like to be.”