Safeguard Security now monitors armored cars

Dealer program underway
Wednesday, June 23, 2010

DALLAS—Safeguard Security, a provider of corporate, industrial and residential security solutions, announced on June 14 a marketing partnership with Dallas-based military contractor Twenty-first Century Armor Solutions (formerly Secure Holdings). Safeguard will work with the developer of next generation armor technology to market the company’s forthcoming line of monitored, armored vehicles. Twenty-first Century, which has a local testing and production facility, also plans to rehab a vacant warehouse space into a private, armored-vehicle showroom across the parking lot from Safeguard’s new offices. A dealer program is in the works and is due to be up and running by the end of 2010.

Safeguard CEO Michael Lagow said this type of military-grade protection in the private sector was an untapped niche. “We have formed several supply chains under the armor division of Safeguard (SYSTEMSgroup Armor Solutions) to include body armor, ballistic vests, safe buildings, armoring kits for other major brand automotive vehicles, which include BMW, Mercedes-Benz and the GM lines. Additionally, we will market ballistic glass for both commercial installation and automotive glass replacement, and armoring solutions for custom ‘specialty’ vehicles for the US government,” Lagow said. “[This is a] significant opportunity to market Jim’s company to our clients in Mexico and the U.S. that we already provide security forces to.”

Twenty-first Century president James Gang said the partnership would help Twenty-first to make a difference in the world. “I came out of retirement and said, ‘I can make a difference in this industry,’” Gang said in a June 3 interview with Security Systems News. “We started testing some new stuff that’s lighter and thinner than anything else.”

Lagow said the partnership fits well into Safeguard’s multifaceted business model. “We will enhance [the standard armored vehicle] to a more advanced level with two-way automated communication systems, connected to our command and control center, with GPS intelligence, IP camera technology, black-box technology, and on-board diagnostics, where our control center knows the status of a subscribed vehicle at all times,” Lagow said via email. “In the event of a breech of any kind, [the vehicle] can automatically upload all digital data live to our control center, where we have operators trained to handle such a mission … It’s like ‘OnStar’ on steroids.”

Twenty-first’s armor technology has been battlefield tested and its vehicles boast an impressive track record. “They’ve developed a new composite material that is far more advanced than any other armor plating in the country right now. It’s half the weight … They’ve been working exclusively with the government and have just come out of that exclusivity so we can now market them to the private sector,” Lagow said. “The amount of protection his vehicles provide is phenomenal. He’s had zero fatalities despite multiple hits on some of his vehicles and the occupants have walked away with minor scratches, cuts and bruises. And that’s after being shot at and having IEDs [improvised explosive devices] explode beside and under the truck.”

Gang was excited about the increased reach partnering with Safeguard would afford. “We are very excited to have Safeguard as our teaming partner and global marketing arm,” Gang said in a statement. “[They] bring a wealth of expertise and experience in the private security sector to our business unit. We anticipate that our sales volume will double over the next year.”