Safeguard Security turns to fire

Acquires two companies, will focus on test and inspection
Friday, January 22, 2010

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz.—Safeguard Security CEO John Jennings is beefing up the fire side of his business, and this month made two acquisitions in the space.

“I think this is where our growth is going to come from over the next year,” he said.

Jennings acquired Protection Systems of Phoenix, which specializes in small commercial fire alarm company, and Mountain State Fire Sprinkler.

Protection Systems has been in business since 1991. Former owner Jeremy Berger and 22 employees of Protection Systems have joined Safeguard. The employees have moved into Safeguard’s headquarters here.

Mountain State Fire Sprinkler is a four-person family business. Former owners, Shei and Gary Erran, and two technicians have joined Safeguard. “Shei will do business development and sales and Gary will manage the crew,” Jennings said.

This is the first time Safeguard has delved into the fire sprinkler business. “Now we have the whole fire package,” he said. However, Jennings said he’ll be focusing on fire sprinkler test and inspection, not installation. He’s looking to increase test and inspection for all kinds of fire systems.

Safeguard has a well established fire division that does large commercial projects. The January acquisitions brings new talent and a “whole new facet to our business,” Jennings said.

In the next weeks, Safeguard will be working to get the word out to existing and potential clients that they test and inspect fire alarm and sprinkler systems. “These inspections have to be done every year. It’s recurring revenue,” he said.