SafetyCare introduces facial recognition technology, receives UL listing

SSN Staff  - 
Tuesday, January 1, 2008

READING, Pa.—SafetyCare announced on Nov. 20 the release of SafeTrak, a product that uses facial biometric technology to monitor human movement, as well as open and lock doors to allow authorized people to pass through access points within a facility.
SafeTrak creates a unique identification number for each of its users that triggers a facial biometric match. Cameras mounted within a facility capture facial images and compare them to the facial biometrics associated with the individuals and when a match is confirmed, the product allows the individual to pass through the access point. SafeTrak also notifies security if an individual attempts to gain access to an unauthorized section of the facility.
“[SafetyCare] provides a level of security that incorporates the latest technological evolutions industry-wide,” said Michael Bodnar, general manager of SafetyCare, in a prepared statement.
SafetyCare also announced on Nov. 20 it has received Underwriters Laboratories central station listing. This listing will allow SafetyCare to monitor UL residential and commercial burglary and fire alarm systems.
“We are pleased that our efforts and diligence were recognized by UL and documented through our listings,” said Bodnar in a separate statement.