SafetyCare in pharmacies

PERS product to be rolled out in 6,000 independent locations
Tuesday, April 1, 2008

READING, Penn.—SafetyCare, a safety and security monitoring company specializing in personal emergency response systems (PERS), has partnered with Chain Drug Marketing Association (CDMA), a national association of more than 6,000 independent pharmacies, to market its safety monitoring services.
“We realized pharmacies were a retail outlet to our end user,” said Darryl Burnett, manager of distribution and facility sales for SafetyCare. “CDMA provides a means of merchandising our product to their pharmacy customers.”
SafetyCare’s wireless response system includes a pendant or bracelet equipped with an emergency button and two-way voice system that connects customers to EMT-trained operators at SafetyCare’s central station. Through this new partnership, SafetyCare’s pendant or bracelet will also include a yellow button, connecting customers directly to their pharmacy for prescription-related issues. SafetyCare also maintains customers’ prescription records, provided by the customers, which allows operators to notify first responders of their medical history.
SafetyCare’s partnership with CDMA, which was made official on Jan. 12, includes a third partner, Executone Communications, which will provide marketing services.
“The customer will see the SafetyCare product and learn about it at the location and then the pharmacy will get in touch with Executone and give us the customer information,” explained Stuart Novick, an executive partner with Executone. “The pharmacy will be the point of promotion, and the logistics of shipping the product directly to the customer will be between Executone and SafetyCare.”
SafetyCare and its partners have high expectations for this program, said Burnett, and are hoping “each pharmacy will sell anywhere from three to 10 units a week.” Promotion for SafetyCare’s products and services at independent pharmacies nationwide will begin immediately, he said.
SafetyCare also announced on Feb. 19 a partnership with The Gilbertson Group, a systems integration company based in Coatesville, Pa., that will offer its customers SafetyCare’s security monitoring and emergency response services. SSN