SAI makes its move

Thursday, May 13, 2004

May 13, 2004

ARLINGTON HEIGHTS, Ill. - In an attempt to push the company into the forefront of the competitive dealer industry, Security Associates International has implemented an authorized dealer program.
Under the program, SAI will purchase accounts from dealers and offer them monitoring and financing options, as well as a host of support services to assist with daily operations. It will also give SAI the chance to move forward with its own goals. The company is focusing on its growth objectives, after the business experienced its market share in the central station industry decrease in recent years.
“Our goal is to grow the business by adding higher margin, retail-type revenue,” said Ray Gross, president and chief executive officer of the company. “We expect to do that, and will do that, through a dealer program where we let the dealers do their best.”
According to Gross, the program will give dealers the opportunity to focus on installs, sales and service while SAI focuses on providing its strengths, such as monitoring and training, to member dealers.
Although the market is flooded with options for dealers, Gross said SAI had numerous conversations with some dealers who were having difficulty finding the financing, and the support system, they needed.
“ADT’s cutback on dealer funding had left a sweet spot in the industry with dealers who were looking for a home,” Gross said. “There is a ready market, looking for a partner.”
Gross also noted that one of the main draws of SAI’s program is its promise not to compete with its dealers.
“They will never see an SAI truck on the street or an SAI technician,” he said. “We don’t sell, we don’t install and we don’t service.”