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Medical Alarm Concepts, Rapid Response revolutionize PERS
Saturday, August 1, 2009

PLYMOUTH MEETING, Pa. and SYRACUSE, N.Y.--Medical Alarm Concepts on June 22 announced a new PERS solution, which the company said will revolutionize the PERS industry. The solution features the new MediPendant, the first hands-free, two-way voice-enabled, wearable communication device with a 600+-foot range from the base unit. The solution is monitored by Rapid Response’s new UL-listed,  40,000-square-foot, Syracuse, N.Y.-based, EMT-staffed PERS monitoring center, Life Safety Monitoring.

According to MAC CEO Howard Teicher, MAC’s aim was to “correct what was wrong with the PERS industry.” Teicher said MAC’s solution is different because until now end users needed to be close to the base unit in order to listen to the dispatcher and communicate the emergency. “If the end user isn’t at the base station, what do they do?” Teicher said.

According to Rapid Response president Jeff Atkins, LSM will take PERS to a new level. “Rapid Response has been an industry leader in technology for the last 17 years,” Atkins said. “Both Rapid and LSM can change and move very quickly ... We don’t have to add seats, we already have the training program in place.”

A MediPendant dealer program, coordinated by Eastern Distributing regional sales manager Joe Russotto, will roll out in mid-to-late August. Russotto  claims the dealer program will be a boon to dealers looking for more. “The most attractive thing is that we’ve got a medical emergency alert system that’s different from all of the PERS systems that have been out there for the last 20 years,” Russotto said.