SCI uses video to protect Laredo water supply

Sunday, February 1, 2009

LAREDO, Texas--SCI, a systems integrator and automated process controls developer, has developed a video surveillance system for the Jefferson Street Water Treatment Plant here, designed to warn the facility of upstream contamination. Jefferson Street provides the drinking water for Laredo.

“The focus is on the water that enters the plant,” said Bob Kidd, project manager for SCI. “That is a real vulnerability because you could take a plant down and cause a real outage where people don’t have water. If the plant operator knows it’s happening, though, he can shut things down and go to storage until he can figure out what to do about it.”

SCI worked with measurement solutions manufacturer Canberra to integrate the motion-detection cameras with other water-quality monitoring sensors to give the plant an accurate picture of its upstream water supply.

Kidd is quick to emphasize SCI is not a “security” company, since the company is not licensed for that kind of work, but rather specializes in “data acquisition systems,” integrating video and other sensors with SCADA systems.