Security Central schools dealers in N.C.

Sunday, April 1, 2007

STATESVILLE, N.C. - Security Central, a third-party monitoring station here, has opened a new facility to be used to educate dealers and technicians. The new building also provides space for its accounting department and executive offices. Courtney Brown, co-owner of Security Central with his sister, Ellen Meihaus, said the company invested close to $1 million in the project. The company moved its accounting, dealer services, sales and training departments into a 7,600-square-foot building on the Security Central campus late last year.
The new facility includes a classroom that seats up to 61 people, used for on-site computer-based and instructor-led CEU classes. Security Central will offer seminars with guest speakers to enhance training for its operators here as well
"We've been very fortunate," said Brown. "Business is good. We're growing our inside sales, we're growing dealer services. I had been renting space off-site for trainings, but I wanted to house them here."
Don Childers, an NBFAA certified instructor and education committee member, does the trainings for Security Central, and in fact started his teaching career there.
Brown said, "I get a lot of bang for my buck with Don." Of all the courses he teaches, Childers said "By far the networking and alarm transmission courses are the most popular." Security Central also has a specific goal in mind for 2007: "One of the things we're trying to do with the sunset date quickly approaching, our goal from January to June of this
year is to train technicians on the new GSM. You wouldn't believe the response we're getting for the classes." Security Central charges "a small fee of $85 a day" for their trainings, "whether the person is a Security Central dealer or not" and gives multiple-student discounts. It also has other vendors come in and train on their products. "I can use the classroom not only for my dealers and customers, but also for my staff," said Brown. "We have 230,000 accounts, and 1,400 alarm dealers throughout U.S., so when we do something, we make sure it's done right."
Said Childers, "For me personally, whenever I'm seeing that light bulb go off [over my students' heads], I'm just thrilled."