Security integrator to resell communications as a service

Time and Parking Controls teams with Evolve IP to offer managed telephony, networks, compliance
Thursday, December 3, 2009

UPPER DARBY, Pa.—“Trying to get out ahead of things a bit,” Time and Parking Controls, a security integrator that also handles parking and time and attendance solutions, has become an authorized partner of Evolve IP, which offers what it calls CaaS, or communications as a service. Time and Parking will be reselling solutions such as managed telephony, managed IT networks, hosted applications, and security and compliance services.

“We’re doing really well with time and attendance software as a service,” said Kevin Elsesser, vice president and general manager at Time and Parking Controls, “and for the communications, this just makes sense to me.”

Elsesser sees managed services and cloud computing as the future of IT management and thinks customers are looking for a single point through which to acquire a suite of managed services, including everything from physical security to time and attendance to network and telephony management.

“The people we’re talking to in the IT departments, they have their hands full,” said Elsesser. “If something can be done by somebody else, they say, ‘Hey, please do.’”

He said the relationship was still in its beginning stages, but Elsesser believes if his sales guys are already talking with customers about managed access control and time and attendance, it’s easy to move the conversation to, “Hey, have you thought about outsourcing some other things, like your exchange server, or your telephones?”

“Ultimately,” he said, “I believe there are going to be cloud computing houses up and down the street and people are going to farm all of that stuff out.”

Further, the Evolve IP partnership helps Time and Parking deliver policy advice about the convergence of logical and physical security, and necessary business functions like PCI compliance. “On the parking side,” Elsesser noted, “we have credit card transactions and we need to be compliant with PCI and Evolve does that kind of thing. For our customers, that can help clear up a lot of headaches. So there’s a lot of synergy between their company and ours.”

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