Security Networks announces 200th affiliate milestone

Friday, February 5, 2010

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla.—Security Networks, a full-service funding solution that provides security monitoring and related services, based here, on Jan. 25 announced it had reached a milestone by signing up its 200th affiliate, Miami-based installer Metro Crime Protection.

According to Security Networks vice president of business development Gary Franklyn, the affiliate program, now in its third year, is going strong. “It’s like a dealer program, but we think ‘affiliate’ connotes ‘partnership’ better than ‘dealer,’” Franklyn said, noting Metro Crime Protection was the perfect fit for the program. “They’re an independent company and they represent themselves … They’re a traditional company. They’ve got a good sales and marketing team and … we’ll help them compete.”

Metro Crime Protection president Ray Perez said the decision to partner with Security Networks through the affiliate program was not made lightly. “I did a lot of research of many companies to see what the best fit for my customers was,” Perez said. “What I like about Security Networks is not only the funding program, but the value they provide the customer that makes it easier to close the sale—like the protection plan in case they get burglarized, the protection plan for false alarms—these values really got my attention. Bigger companies don’t offer these.”

According to a Security Networks release, Metro Crime Protection will market and install Security Networks products and services in South Florida while Security Networks will perform the monitoring and customer service on the accounts. Also as part of the alliance, Metro Crime Protection will receive Security Networks sales and marketing support, and will participate in the company’s lead generation and revenue sharing program.

Franklyn said the new relationship with Metro Crime Protection was indicative of the health of Security Networks’ business model. “One thing that’s unique about us is that we don’t have any corporate sales or installation, so we cherish the relationships we have with our affiliates … We sign up about five or six partners a month and now we’ve got a pretty good mutual fund of affiliates that help us grow,” Franklyn said, noting that current events would benefit Security Networks in the long run. “There’s a lot of uncertainty out there. I think the ADT/Broadview deal makes our existing affiliates appreciate the stability of being with us.”