Security is sometimes a state of mind

Friday, October 1, 2004

A few weeks back, President George W. Bush was asked on an early morning news program if the war on terror could ever be won. Responding carefully, the president said, no, that the emotions fueling barbaric acts around the world run deep. Thus, in all honestly, there is absolutely no way to completely rid the universe of evil.

This mindful answer prompted a barrage of coverage from a host of news sources about the change of course the president took on his approach to terrorism. Well, imagine if an alarm dealer was asked a similar question that in effect asked whether the fire and burglar systems you provide positively protect against all types of danger?

As sophisticated as alarms are today, and how far they evolved over the years, there are too many possibilities for just one system to protect both self and property 100 percent. Granted, there are many products that address the potential problems that exist. However, there is just no way to completely shield yourself and others from them.

No one’s security needs are the same, which might account for why the previous question was so difficult to answer.

When I was a kid, I lived near a neighborhood where the penetration of installed burglar alarms was very high. Although my parents’ house didn’t have a system, most of my friends’ homes did. The 30-second dash whenever we arrived or left their homes was always an amazing process to watch.

Often, my friends who had alarms, would mistakenly assume that the plastic disc attached to the front window of my house was part of an alarm system. Being that keypads and motion sensors were present throughout their homes, they thought this object - an outdoor thermometer - was one piece of a huge security alarm.

Having to explain that it was used to simply display the temperature got boring. So instead of spending the time to explain the thing, a simple ‘yes’ became my response.

Is there danger in the world? Yes. Do people need to feel safe on many levels? Yes. Does this industry serve an important purpose? It certainly does.

I guess it goes to show, how one approaches the world is all in how it is presented.