SecurTek looks to attract new dealers with IP video as a service

Thursday, December 4, 2008

YORKTON, Sask.--SecurTek said in a recent interview with Security Systems News it would begin offering a managed IP video monitoring solution soon and hoped to attract more dealers through the wider range of services video monitoring can provide. SecurTek general manager of marketing and dealer relations Leanne Woodhouse said SecurTek's offering would be a true example of IP video as a service. "We've added OzVision's IP-based video service, called OSN [OzVision Secure Network], to our services," Woodhouse said. "It offers customers video verification through a monitoring station. Customers can also get video email events. They can log on anywhere and view their cameras. And it also offers remote storage of video, so it's a DVR-based application as well."
OzVision, a developer of advanced video solutions for the security monitoring market, launched OSN in 2006. OSN is a hosted IP-based video monitoring network that enables security service providers to generate new RMR streams from video services while also increasing the level of security provided to the end user.
Woodhouse said that SecurTek's entrance into the video as a service arena has been quiet by design. "We've kind of been slow and cautious into the market, to make sure we do it right. But we're ready to kick it up a notch," Woodhouse said. "We're hoping to attract new dealers, dealers who are looking for a video monitoring company."
Woodhouse said the savings inherent in monitored video as a service are evident. "We've also added a 24-hour video service, as well. Where we work with--one of our authorized dealers, GHC Safety and Security in Ontario--we work with them and a gas station called FS Partners, based in Ontario," Woodhouse said. "We started in September. It's called Auto Attendant. We monitor a few of their gas stations remotely, so they don't need to have anyone on staff. We meet all the safety requirements. We don't actually monitor for intrusion. We monitor to make sure that people who use the facilities are using them properly and safely."