SecurTek seeks installers

Company is expanding its presence in Canada
Thursday, July 1, 2004

YORKTON, Saskatchewan - Local monitoring company SecurTek has added three dealers to its authorized dealer network program, bringing the total number to 28 and moving the company into territory where it previously had limited presence.

Now, Absolute Security Systems of Ontario and Applied Communications and J.L.J.D. Electric, both of Alberta, can call themselves authorized SecurTek dealers.

The five-year-old company, which monitors 60,000 accounts and has 100 employees, has been slowly adding dealers to its network over the past year and is currently in negotiations with an undisclosed number of others.

“We’re always on the lookout for companies to join our network,” said Doug Irwin, president and chief executive officer of the company.

The company, started in 1999 as a subsidiary of Saskatchewan Telecommunications, added dealers in rural Alberta and Ontario. Irwin said the company is focused on increasing its network throughout Canada and possibly in the future, into the United States.

SecurTek’s program may not look different than other programs at first glance - the company offers monitoring, financing and support services as other programs do. But Irwin noted that these options are just the “entrance to the game.”

For SecurTek, finding dealers to partner with is only the beginning - finding good partnerships is the company’s main goal.

“We’ve had a lot of experience in the last five years and we have a handle on companies that we work best with,” Irwin said. “We’re interested in companies that are less focused on huge growth and more focused on delivering memorable customer experiences.”

Exactly what Dave Whitaker, operations manager at residential and commercial provider Absolute Security Systems, was looking for. Whitaker did an extensive amount of research before deciding on joining the SecurTek team, even going so far as to install various alarm company’s systems in his home and office to test various product and service offerings.

After visiting SecurTek’s monitoring center, Whitaker’s decision was final.

“We were looking for a national partner,” Whitaker said. “It was a good fit and it was the right decision for us and more so, for our customers.”

More importantly, Whitaker’s focus on customer service was right in line with SecurTek’s.

“I’m very keen on customer service,” he said. “Whatever products I am selling or services I’m providing are ones that I would want to have in my own home.”

Irwin said SecurTek has not planned on adding a specific number of dealers, instead they are interested in growing in a controlled method.

“We’ve had our fast growth times,” he said. “Our focus is long term.”