Serverless software

Pivot3’s storage as virtual machine
Saturday, November 1, 2008

ATLANTA--High-definition storage maker Pivot3 made a splash here at the ASIS International show with its new “serverless computing” platform, whereby video management, PSIM and virtually any other security software can be run directly on Pivot3’s storage solution, eliminating the need for a server in a video surveillance solution. The solution debuts with integration with software makers Exacq, Genetec, Lenel, Milestone and OnSSI, and certified integrators Southwest Surveillance Systems, Connections IT, Aware Digital and Broadcast Technologies.

Lee Caswell, chief marketing officer at Pivot3 and a co-founder, said his organization is looking to work with anyone doing storage-heavy surveillance applications, both those from traditional security backgrounds and otherwise. He said the solution really makes sense starting at about 4 terabytes.

The integration and manufacturing partners are all part of the Serverless Computing Certification Partner Program, which provides pre- and post-sales support, including configuration assistance, demo system loaners and joint sales calls, along with marketing assistance, access to a high-definition video simulator tool that allows for performance assessments, and access to Pivot3’s engineering team.

“From our perspective,” said Dan Rittman, vice president of engineering at Exacq, “it’s the concept of the virtual machine. Essentially, what they’re doing is making a virtual machine on their hardware to run NVR software on.” Virtual machines are created by software that executes programs and makes it unnecessary for you to have a dedicated server for every system you’re running over a network. “A lot of the security guys are not the IT guys,” Rittman noted, “so getting a virtual machine set up and running is not necessarily something the market is comfortable with. So for them to get it all pre-configured, it makes it easier for the integrator, that’s for sure.”