SerVision refocuses in No. America through ADI

Monday, January 1, 2007

JERUSALEM--SerVision, a company based here manufacturing video surveillance products that emphasize wireless and cellular applications, has signed a distribution agreement with ADI, which will now be the main distributor of the company's products in the United States.
SerVision, which has offices in the United Kingdom and Mexico as well as in the United States, sees great potential in the United States market, said chairman and chief executive officer Gidon Tahan. He called the agreement with ADI a "considerable endorsement."
Nick LaBella, director of product marketing at ADI, said, "SerVision doesn't have any presence here [in the United States]. They're looking for somebody to help them get into the market." He said ADI would primarily be selling the mobile DVR product and that "it's not a product that's going to be selling through all of our locations."
Why add a product that isn't likely to move in high volume? LaBella said it's part of an effort to put together "a bunch of IP-related vendors that are helping transition our dealers into the convergence arena. We're filling gaps, putting together various solutions for our customers."
Because of that, LaBella felt SerVision's solution is a possibility for "wherever they may need to record with something that can sustain shock--taxicab companies, bus companies, private investigators. It's a real need." He compared the product to Honeywell's Fairview mobile DVR offering.
Though LaBella couldn't point to other gaps in ADI's offerings that needed filling today, he said, as they are identified, "you may see something again that doesn't strike you as a wholesale distribution product."