Siemens adds analytics with VistaScape buy

Wednesday, November 1, 2006

BUFFALO GROVE, Ill.--In late September, Siemens Building Technologies announced an agreement to acquire video analytics manufacturer VistaScape for an undisclosed sum. VistaScape will join Siemens as a wholly owned subsidiary following the completion of the deal, which was expected soon after Security Systems News went to press.
"As an integrator," said George West, vice president of Siemens Building Technologies' security division, "you're looking for technologies that can help your customers wade through the increasing mass of information that they're gathering. The cost to gather security-related data is going down on an exponential basis, but the challenge becomes, 'What do I do with that information? How do I turn that into actionable intelligence?'"
Siemens gained experience with VistaScape in this area during the integration of perimeter surveillance at the Illinois International Port District over the past two years.
"What we saw in VistaScape," said West, "was cutting-edge technology, a good team of employees and a strong standing in the marketplace."
Founded in 1999 and based in Atlanta, VistaScape will continue to be run by chairman and chief executive officer Glenn McGonnigle. The company's chief product is SiteIQ, which incorporates geospatial-aware intelligent video surveillance technology with input from other sensors in the field and access control systems. It allows security operators to see an entire facility or area in three dimensions as the alarm information comes in.
"For our commercial customers with large campuses," said West, "as well as with critical infrastructure, there's a lot of area to cover. A tool to do that more effectively is tremendously valuable."
Does this signal a new era of spending in the security marketplace for Siemens, a giant worldwide company? "People don't often recognize that Siemens is involved in the security marketplace on a global scale," said West. "People shouldn't be surprised when we add technologies we think will help solve our customers' problems."