SimplexGrinnell wins GSA services schedule

Thursday, September 25, 2003

September 25, 2003

WESTMINSTER, Mass. - Fire and systems integrator SimplexGrinnell announced Thursday that it had secured a new agreement with the United States General Services Administration that will make the company's maintenance and repair services available to federal agencies.

The new listing complements SimplexGrinnell's other GSA schedules in fire detection and alarm products, nurse call/patient response products and time solution products by also encompassing the ongoing maintenance of those same products, said Mary Harrington, spokesperson for SimplexGrinnell's GSA initiative. While the existing listings included installation and labor costs, the new listing means that SimplexGrinnell can also provide service to any federal agency that requires the services of a GSA approved vendor.

"It means a lot to our customers if we install the system and now we can maintain it for them as well, especially for GSA," Harrington said. The company derives about 50 percent of its revenue from service, including preventative maintenance and testing of equipment.

The new GSA agreement listing encompasses service, inspection and preventative maintenance for sprinklers, fire pumps and backflows, special hazard systems, gas and foam systems, kitchen hoods, portable extinguishers, and fire hoses. It also includes service on intrusion systems, access control, CCTV, sound and communications, nurse call systems, self-contained breathing apparatus and e-light systems. The contract and the negotiated fee schedule will last through June 2008.

SimplexGrinnell was awarded its first government contract that required a GSA approved vendor in the spring of 2002. The company is currently working on projects with multiple government agencies, including the Department of Defense, the Veterans Administration, the United States Postal Service and the Social Security Administration.