Sioux Falls considers fee for all alarm users

Penalizes those responsible for false calls
SSN Staff  - 
Friday, April 23, 2010

SIOUX FALLS, S.D.—An April 1 story from the Argus Leader reports Sioux Falls residents and business owners with burglar alarms will pay a yearly fee if the Sioux Falls City Council passes a new set of rules proposed by the police department.

Homeowners and businesspeople responsible for more than two false alarms per year could face hundreds of dollars in fines. But some business owners say they should not be penalized for false alarms that are beyond their control.

Alarm owners ultimately are responsible for false alarms, however, and a third false alarm call in one year would result in a $100 fine. Each false alarm after that is a $200 fine.

Residential alarm owners would pay $25 a year for a permit under the new proposal. Businesses would pay $35 a year.

Sensitive systems installed by less-then-reputable companies have caused problems, according to the council, which is why the proposed ordinance also requires licensing for companies.

The licenses would cost $75 the first year and $35 each subsequent year for sellers in Sioux Falls. Companies also would be required to go over a false alarm prevention checklist with each new installation—an idea local alarm companies voiced support for during meetings with the police department in the past year.