Sonitrol sales guru will stay

Friday, September 1, 2006

CHANTILLY, Va.--Bill McNabney may have sold his Sonitrol dealership to the corporate group, but he's not leaving the company.
Far from it. McNabney, who began working for Sonitrol founder Al Kronk more than 40 years ago, when he was in high school in Indiana, "will have an even more important role. Now that he won't be involved with an owner-focus, this will free him up to help out overall Sonitol even more," said Alex Gellman, president of the verified electronic security company (see related story this page).
"Bill's a sales and marketing guru," said Gellman, president of Sonitrol. "He will continue to be an advisor and consultant to many of the branch offices, both corporate and dealer-owned."
McNabney is the "star training school professor at Sonitrol U," the company's intensive one-week training program that's held six times a year in Dallas for new sales people. The employees "get their feet wet for a couple months," and then they come to the program, which Gellman described as "bootcamp for rookie sales reps, to kick off their Sonitrol careers in the right direction to be successful."
McNabney will also be involved with regional sales rallies, also held six times a year at different places around the country. These two-day programs are "more of a refresher course for veteran sales reps."